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Designer, Founder, Strategist & Growth Lead


At VNYLST I perform as product developer, UX & UI designer, creative director, copyrighter, content strategist, and growth lead.  I've led a team of up to five remote developers and have worked with handpicked vendors to produce samples and finished goods made exclusively available on our web store. I've worked with DJs and promoters to produce events, DJ mixes and curate playlists and music editorials, and have organically grown a community of 75K+ vinyl record enthusiasts. 




I successfully created integrated branding for a vinyl record merchandise, Dig™ iOS Application (Proof of Concept) and VNYLST for iOS, 50K niche following on social channels, and led the design and development efforts for a hand coded responsive web crowdfunding site.  Other accomplishments include corporate formation (S-Corp), (web) pitch deck writing and design, UX copyrighting, vendor relations and partnerships, investor pitching, public relations, hiring, engineering team lead as head of product, music curation and content strategy



Goal & motivations

“I suffer from the delusion that every product of my imagination is not only possible, but always on the cusp of becoming real.”

– Sean Parker, Napster

I love vinyl. At the time of embarking on this journey, I was recovering from PTSD after being robbed and assaulted at gunpoint; the incident occurred twenty yards from my new apartment of just one week.  I struggled to forget the incident and retreating to music to find my way out of paranoia and fear. While reflecting, I realized how my memories were made tangible by the music I could remember. 

In essence, music is the timeline and stamp to my life's journal. And after transitioning my collection to digital, my memory suffered as the tradeoff; this motivated me to get back into the format.



Inspired by the timelessness of the format, how the record preserves emotion, at times undisclosed to the world from which it came, I wanted to create a brand that was iconic as the format and make products that get better with age.

I wanted to give the record collector its own identity. I wanted to respect the unique sensibilities of one who can recall the dates, times, instruments, stories, and album art from just seconds of a sound byte. The collector who is the archive-ist, analy-st, and occasional scient-ist of vinyl.

The Vinyl-st or VNYLST.

Photo: Paola Puente, collector-archivist, muse


collaborations, PRODUCTS & objects

Here are a few of the products I developed, designed, produced and sold over the years.  Some fell short of funding, though were still quite the accomplishment for someone self-taught.  The mobile application for iOS, VNYLST, is currently in stealth development (pardon the non-disclosure).