Crates is High


Crates is High

Hip Hop and inspired streetwear. Hip Hop and inspired music on vinyl delivered monthly.



  • Shopify Ecommerce Site Design (VNYLST Pop Up Shop and Crates is High)
  • Product / Merchandising Development
  • Branding & User Experience Design for Record Club


I started Crates is High in order to create a Hip Hop focused streetwear and record club; a brand that subsides under VNYLST Inc. This development fell on the heels of having built a PopUp shop for VNYLST so to re-engage my earliest followers with exclusive products, but also to reinvigorate the brand.

 My work necessitated:

  • User Experience, UI, Visual Design
  • Apparel Merchandising and Brand Design
  • Copywriting
  • Business-design Strategy
  • Partnerships
  • Growth

challenges & problems to solve

I had been looking for ways to channel my earliest inspiration (Hip Hop) for VNYLST, yet respect the broad musical interests of the company's 20K following. When you create a niche brand focused on the interest of collectors of music, you have to tread a rather fine of promoting specific music genres; something I discovered while engaging an audience I substantially grew over the social web.

The solution

Test concepts through merchandise and apparel. The one that 'stuck' turned out to be the best basis for a subsidiary identity, as well as provided an opportunity to test a fully remote, on-demand drop-shipping business at scale. 




The VNYLST Pop Up was a huge success, as it provided a platform for building a fully remote drop-shipping business using Shopify. No shade, but as an entrepreneur who hasn't always been able to finance a team, this allowed to build quickly and autonomously, reducing development, engineering, as well as overhead costs. Crates is High Shop has since replaced the VNYLST PopUp Shop, and is a full 360 experience (digital to physical products), and a basis for the Hip Hop record club I'll be launching this year, with preorders beginning as soon as mid April.

crates-is-high portfolio.png

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